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Saildrive Propellers for sailboats by Flexofold

No matter if you need a 2-blade saildrive propeller for cruising or regatta sailing, a powerfull 3-blade propeller or the pioneering new Composite propeller – Flexofold got the right propeller for you!


Looking at the propeller blade profile, you can see the large blade area necessary for powering performance. At the same time, there is twist and a hydrodynamic shape in the blades. This maximizes the efficiency along the length of the blade, not just at one point, as is the case in flat blades often seen on feathering props. Further to this, the twin-helical gears insure the blades will open consistently and fold back under sail into a very low drag configuration.


The extreme low drag form a Flexofold saildrive propeller will not only make your boat sail faster, you will also experience the joy of strong propulsion power.

100% fit on all common saildrives

The Flexofold propellers has a 100% fit on all common saildrives and are widely used by most of the recognised boatyards worldwide – incl. Beneteau, Jeanneau, Lagoon, Elan, Hanse Yacht, Dehler, Saffier Yacths, Halberg-Razzy and many more.

Our experience - your guarantee!


We pride ourselves in direct contact and dialogue with our customers – shipyards and dedicated sailors around the world. In this way we ensure that you get the right guidance and the best possible propeller solution for your sailboat.