4-Blade Shaft Folding Propeller

Low drag under sail and maximum thrust under power

The 4-blade Flexofold folding propeller provides trouble-free handling by superior power in both forward and reverse.
Powerful hydrodynamic design provides efficient use of the engine. Despite the relative large propeller and 4 blades, the low drag makes your boat sail faster and allows the sails to stay up even in very light wind.

Original propeller for Beneteau, Hanse Yachts, Sunreef Catamarans and more!​


Special features

  • Helical gearing between the blades ensures a syncronized folding mechanism.
  • Protective cover over the gearing
  • Easy replaceable anode
  • Large shock absorbers for quiet opening of the propeller
  • Mounting screws are pre-applied with Loctite for mounting above as well as under water.
  • Water lubricated - no need for maintenance

Sizes available

The 4-blade propellers for shaft installation is available in diameters of 15" to 27" - all in a wide range of pitches.

To be supplied for both LEFT and RIGHT turning shafts.

Compatible with...

The Flexofold propellers have a 100% fit on all common shaft diameters with ISO, SAE or IMP cones

ISO (European standard) = 1:10 cone

SAE (US standard) = 1:16 cone

IMP (British standard) = 1:12 cone