2-Blade Shaft Folding Propeller

Minimum drag under sail and strong thrust under power

The 2-blade Flexofold folding propeller provides trouble-free handling by superior power in both forward and reverse.
When folded under sail, the low drag makes your boat sail faster and in lighter wind - even with a minimum risk of catching lines or seaweed.

Cruisers and racers alike choose the 2-Blade Flexofold Classic because it combines the most efficient blade shape available with very low drag and moderate price.


Special features

  • Helical gearing between the blades ensures a syncronized folding mechanism.
  • Large shock absorbers for quiet opening of the propeller
  • Mounting screws are pre-applied with Loctite for mounting above as well as under water.
  • Water lubricated - no need for maintenance

Propeller sizes

The 2-blade propellers for shaft are available in diameters of 13" to 20" - all in a wide range of pitches.

Available for both LEFT and RIGHT turning shafts.

Compatible with...

The Flexofold propellers for shafts are available for mounting on ISO (European standard), IMP (British standard) and SAE (US standard).