Folding Propellers

Flexofold develops, manufacture and sell low drag folding propellers for sailboats and multihull yachts.

The folding propellers are available as 2-Blade, 2-Blade racing, 3-Blade and 4-Blade in multiply sizes and pitches. All delivered for both shaft- and sail drive installation.

What propeller to choose?

That depends on what sailing boat you got, the engine and not least – your priorities!

A 2-blade propeller is more efficient than a 3-blade. Surprised? Well, most people are.
Thus, a properly sized 2-blade will give you a higher speed at a given RPM in flat water than a properly sized 3-blade. The 2-blade is also lower in drag and cheaper.

The 3-blade, because of its larger blade area, will accelerate the boat faster. This means a 3-blade is better around the docks, when powering against a head sea and when stopping.

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We pride ourselves in direct contact and dialogue with our customers – shipyards and dedicated sailors around the world. In this way we ensure that you get the right guidance and the best possible propeller solution for your sailboat.
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Saildrive Propellers

Flexofold folding propellers for Saildrive installation.

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Shaft Propellers

Flexofold folding propellers for Shaft Installation

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