Disassembling your Flexofold propeller is just as easy as mounting it.
Simply follow the mounting instruction in reverse order.

Flexofold Prop Puller

If you have a shaft installation, the hub might be stuck to the shaft cone.
In that case, we recommend that you use a puller.
The Flexofold Prop Puller is designed for use on all Flexofold 2-, 3- and 4-blade propellers.
You can buy the puller directly from Flexofold under Spare Parts.


How to use the Flexofold Prop Puller

Simply place the puller behind the pivot pins. A loose fit of the locking screws will prevent the pivot pins from falling out.
Now, turn the screw against the shaft end to pull off the hub.
Heating the hub where it´s attached to the shaft cone will often help loosen the grip.




















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