Benefits of choosing a Flexofold folding propeller

When purchasing a Flexofold propeller, you will be joining a rapidly growing number of boat owners enjoying the benefits of a folding propeller under sail and power.

Safety first

On a folding propeller, the blades do not stick out while sailing as they do on fixed and feathering propellers.  You won’t catch lobster or crab pots, fishing lines or debris in the water, a “catch” which ultimately may result in loss of steering ability and accident.

Get easy around the docks

Due to the powerful shape and hydrodynamic design, the Flexofold propellers have superior forward, stopping and reversing power. In one test, a 63 foot Hanse went from 8 knots ahead to dead-in-the-water in one boat length! Who said a folding propeller can’t back up? They haven’t tried a Flexofold!

Low drag - higher speed

A folding propeller almost eliminates the huge drag from a fixed propeller and improves your sailing performance by 15% on average.  Nothing you do to your boat will increase sailing performance more! It simply makes sailing more enjoyable. You can sail faster than the guy who used to pass you, and keep sailing in lighter air than ever before. Enjoy your sailboat at higher speed.

More comfort on board

You probably recognize the situation? Perfect weather and the sails set - and then the noise from a turning fixed propeller! With a Flexofold folding propeller, the noise will be as low as the drag.
Unlike other propeller brands, Flexofold also has strong built-in shock absorbers for quiet opening.

Value for money

On a Flexofold propeller, the only moving parts are the blades. Smooth acting gears and strong materials secure long durability without need of messy greasing, rebuilding or other maintenance required.
Get a Flexofold propeller and spend your time sailing – for many years to come.


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